Saturday, April 26, 2014

Find Inner Peace

“Being in the present is the condition of inner peace.” - Jean- Louis Murat
Is it possible to find inner peace in the reality of our daily lives? It is certainly possible with effort and self-discipline. To find peace of mind we must make peace with ourselves. That is to say, to clean up our mind, which will have a significant impact on our heart and therefore on our emotional state. Being at peace with yourself give you a sense of calm and serenity. It is the harmony of the soul, between the mind and the heart.

As the heart is attached to our mind, it is important to educate our mind first for it has an effect on our emotional power. Because you must know that the Spirit is energy and it affects our nervous system. Everything we see, hear or imagine creates emotional reactions changing in power according to our mental filters. Our bodies are made of energy, of emotional vibrations. Everything that comes through the door of our mind has a backlash on our body receptacle.

Inner Peace
Inner Peace

Peace is obviously the disappearance of unrest and conflict. Conflicts often come from our environment, whether in our workplace, family or everything you see or hear in our objective reality. Anything that affects our consciousness can disturb us. There are also our own thoughts and feelings that affect our peace of mind. It can be negative thoughts or a lack of confidence or self-esteem or often fear and anxiety that drain our mental energy and therefore our inner peace.

As a result we should start educating our minds, feeding them well with positive images, practicing positive affirmations and using some calming techniques such as meditation. The positive is everything that makes us feel good, like thoughts of love, peace, harmony, joy, collaboration, growth, spiritual and natural truths. Our biggest enemy is often ourselves, the enemy lurks in our consciousness, in our way of seeing things, either on us or others or life in general. Having a clear mind while practicing being good, helps us to keep a strong mind.

Our mind is like a garden with bad and good weed; it must hoe any pest and instead grow flowers of the mind such as love and unity of all things. Inner peace is a state of mind, and this state can be changed by our imagination or our reaction to things from outside. Communicate that peace mean to act rather than react. We always have the choice: to react strongly or not, let us hurt or not, to remain at peace despite the storms of life. Undoubtedly everything is relative, it's all about degrees. We should learn how to react or not to react depending on situations; it is important to remain aware of our emotional power, stay strong and focused, keeping our composure.

Inner peace can be achieved through silence or meditation or just slowing down our frenetic pace while listening to soft music or contemplating such a beautiful sunset , taking a quiet walk in nature or reading a book that makes us feel good , taking a hot bath with a massage... Anything that is contrary to the peace and tranquility should be avoided as much as possible if we want to achieve this state of bliss. This does not mean that our lives will be a sea of ​​peace every day, but we have the ability to return to that state at will with some effort on our part.

Tranquility is the opposite of anxiety, which is destructive to our internal peace. Find and welcome as possible moments of tranquility, calmness, silence, serenity and discover peace of mind that provides well-being and total relaxation of soul.