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Sunday, April 13, 2014

7 critical soft skills for your career

Do you think you are qualified for a job, for leading a team or being eligible for a promotion because you have years of experience and developed skills? Although these qualities are actually important to progress in your career, they are not everything. You must also have social skills, also called "soft skills.”
Soft skills are the qualities about your attitude towards others, your colleagues, your clients or your boss. It is they who determine your capital and sympathy that will make you go to be sociable or withdrawn. Often, they will be more decisive in promoting your executive skills.

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What are soft skills?
Here are 7 critical soft skills for your career (The Soft Skills List):

1. Empathy

The ability to put yourself in the place of others is fundamental in the business world. Show that you understand the other person's point of view. Express empathy in saying, "I understand how you feel." The ability to put yourself in the place of others may simply mean that you respect the opinion of the speaker, even if you do not share it and you let him know you understand his position.

2. Listening

Hearing is not listening. Most people hear the words of their partner and begin to mentally formulate their response before it has finished expressing his idea. Avoid playing the game of second-guessing and allow the speaker to complete his thoughts without adding your interruptions. The goal here is to listen between the lines of the real message that is being communicated.

3. Self-control

If you can stay calm and patient when other get failure due to some stress, you will definitely be noticed positively by your boss. He will appreciate the fact that you keep cool and come up with concrete solutions where your colleagues panic or get angry.

4. Trust

To advance in your career, you have to trust your colleagues and your boss. You will have to work in a team or delegate certain projects. Trust is therefore vital. Similarly, you must inspire trust and credibility. Extend friendliness, warmth, sincere interest in the problems of others, and they will not doubt your credibility when you are extending help to them. Your boss and your colleagues should be then able to count on you.

5. Personal power

Use emphasis in putting yourself directly on the line and asking for exactly what they want. This is key in your relationships in the workplace.
You also should carefully choose precise words to create impressions and to convey force, authority, and leadership. Talking at a slower speed will communicate confidence.

6. Flexibility with criticism

Productive criticism or correction, which leads ,to winning relationships, deals with only the important issues and how to correct mistakes. You should be able to give and receive criticism effectively. Never fight back in response to a criticism. Your message will never be communicated if you attempt to make the other person "wrong" in order to make you look "right." Agree with part of the criticism.

7. Motivation

There are many chances at some point in your career you will be taken to persuade people. You will sell your ideas, services or products. Make the person you wish to motivate uncomfortable or dissatisfied with his current actions or circumstances. Show him a new and better way, and ask him to take actions. Then review the benefits he will gain by completing or continuing the change.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Concentration Music

On its own, the music of Bach can help you think clearer and smarter. When enhanced with the powerful brainwave entertainment, and mixed with 10 concentration boosting affirmations, the music will also substantially improve focus and creativity while keeping you relaxed and feeling good. This track is well suited for studying, learning, working at the computer and reading.

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1. The Music

Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer and musician of the Baroque period.
Bach was born into a great musical family, he was destined to become a musician. His music is admired for its intellectual depth, technical command, and artistic magnificence.

Bach was known during his lifetime primarily as an outstanding organ player and technician, and he become widely recognised as a great composer after the renewal of interest of his music by by the next generation of composers.

This beautiful 110 minute long album contains 28 classics, perhaps the most famous works of Bach, including:
1. Brandenburg Concerto No 1 - Allegro
2. Brandenburg Concerto No 1 - Adagio ( 4:43 )
3. Brandenburg Concerto No 1 - Allegro ( 9:10 )
4. Brandenburg Concerto No 3 - Allegro ( 13:40 )
5. Brandenburg Concerto No 3 - Allegro ( 19:11 )
6. Brandenburg Concerto No 4 - Allegro ( 24:05 )
7. Brandenburg Concerto No 4 - Presto ( 31:42 )
8. Brandenburg Concerto No 4 - Andante ( 36:37 )
9. Brandenburg Concerto No 5 - Allegro ( 39:32 )
10. Brandenburg Concerto No 6 - Allegro ( 45:02 )
11. Concerto for Violin and Oboe BWV 1060 - Allegro ( 50:38 )
12. Concerto for Violin and Oboe BWV 1060 - Largo ( 54:59 )
13. Concerto for Violin and Oboe BWV 1060 - Allegro ( 59:32 )
14. Suite for Orchestra No 2 B Minor - Minuet ( 1:02:35 )
15. Suite for Orchestra No 3 D Major - Air on the G String ( 1:05:35)
16. Cantata BWV 147 "Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring" ( 1:10:07 )
17. Toccata in D Minor ( 1:13:32 )
18. Harpsichord Invention No 1 ( 1:22:23 )
19. Harpsichord Invention No 8 ( 1:23:43 )
20. Badinerie in B minor ( 1:24:42 )
21. Minuet in G major ( 1:27:24 )
22. Musette in D major ( 1:28:59 )
23. Partita For Solo Violin No 3 E Major BWV 1006 - Bourée (1:30:06 )
24. Sonata for Gamba & Harpsichord BWV 1028 ( 1:31:48 )
25. Concerto D minor BWV 1059 - Movt 2 ( 1:35:44 )
26. Solo Cello Suite No 4 E flat Major BWV 1010 - Courante (1:38:54 )
27. Solo Cello Suite No 6 D Major BWV 1012 - Gavotte ( 1:42:32 )
28. Solo Cello Suite No 6 D Major BWV 1012 - Prelude ( 1:46:42 )

2. The Brainwave entrainment

Using brainwave entrainment (BWE), we've mixed Bach's wonderful music with a smooth progression that encourages focus and concentration, creativity, motivation and internal problem solving.
• 12 Hz Opening to all frequencies
• 11.57 Hz Helps focus on external tasks
• 10.25 Hz associated with and enhanced creativeness
• 5.5 Hz Related with creating clarity and improved intuition

• Then back up to 14 Hz Awake & alert: Helps raise concentration on tasks.

This album also contains water sounds which help unwind and improve the brainwave entrainment effects.

3. The Affirmations

1- Your brain works smoothly and resourcefully.
2- You complete your tasks and attain your goals.
3- Your mind is alert and attentive.
4- Your way is clear and open.
5- You can easily focus your attention on your goals.
6- You can trust your mind to solve any problem.
7- All your senses are in focus.
8- You are optimistic and constructive.
9- You have the motivation to succeed.
10- You can easily invoke new ideas and creative solutions.

Enjoy listening to Concentration Music, Bach Best.